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About Us

About Us

SG Commercial Glaziers is a reliable glazing refurbishment company in the UK providing quality services to all our customers. Our pricing is always competitive and affordable.

Refurbish or Replace

We are a leading glazing company in the UK providing logical and affordable solutions. We present clients with refurbishment or replacement options for their commercial glazing needs.

our vision

Our Vision

We deliver logical and cost-effective Refurbishment and Replacement solutions to meet the unique requirements of each client.

our solution

Our Solution

Our unique approach enables customers to take informed decisions backed by performance, specification data, costs and warranties.

Comprehensive Solutions beyond Glazing

With our unique approach, we deliver preferred glazing refurbishment or replacement options. Our services extend beyond glazing to include a complete building envelope which consists of metal weather and cladding.

Trusted Partner to some of the largest Brands in UK

We are a trusted partner for several of the largest companies and institutions in the UK. We commit to never compromising on quality and to innovative and fit-for-purpose solutions.

We offer top quality service to meet the needs of our customers and believe our main strength is our flexible approach to customers’ requirements. We are highly committed to building long term relationships with our customers.

Hire our glaziers for your glazing requirements

We are a commercial glazing company and specialise in building, designing, maintaining, repairing and refurbishing architectural glazing structures. We ensure all glazing projects are carried out to the highest safety standards.

Our team of experts develop and maintain good relationships with clients. We invest in our team constantly to provide on-going education and the necessary refreshment of skills.