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Boarding Up

Windows Boarding Up Services in London

Suppose your doors or windows have been breached or left exposed. In that case, you can contact us at SG Commercial Glaziers to board up solutions and ensure your property's safety. The safety of commercial and residential properties must be taken seriously. For this reason, we are readily available to provide boarding up solutions to your home areas and business areas, thereby ensuring that they are safe and secure. As a successful professional glazing company in London, we have put in enough work for years to solidify our place as one of the best glazers in London. We provide glazing services to private and commercial properties, ensuring that they are safe, secure and in business.

Get your properties Boarded up with SG Commercial Glaziers

It is easy for people to get scared with their doors and windows broken, either accidentally or unintentionally. This is because these areas are the entrance points to any property. When they are damaged, it means the property is vulnerable to intruders. Fortunately, there is no need to feel scared or vulnerable anymore when your doors or windows are broken. With SG commercial Glazers, You can get a quick boarding up service for your home or commercial property. Boarding up services available or applicable when the necessary replacement for broken doors and windows are not available at the moment.

Suppose your window panes and doors are damaged or broken. In that case, you can contact us at any time to keep your property safe from intruders through our boarding up services. Our glaziers have been trained to provide boarding up services with minimal or no disturbance to your daily activities. As experts, we do not speak out of place when we say we know exactly what we do and we are good at it. We are qualified, certified, and accredited by relevant bodies. As such, you can get quality service when you contact us. Additionally, we provide services well within our clients budget, making us affordable to anyone and everyone.

What you can benefit from our boarding up services

When the glazing of a door or window is damaged, not only does it give the property an odd look, but it exposes the property and people in it to dangerous intruders. Because of this, immediate action needs to be taken by either having the glazing replaced right away or having the open space boarded up if the glazing material is not immediately available. When boarding up, we ensure that every piece of broken or damaged glass is taken out to avoid injury to anyone, especially children. Regardless of the cause of the damage, we will have it fixed as soon as possible.

Suppose the glazing of your home or business property has been damaged. In that case, you can trust us to have the exposed area boarded up and protect everyone inside. Our services are affordable, and you can get in touch with us at any time of the day and any time of the year. For our boarding up services, the materials we use range from conventional wooden boards to window films. This way, you would not have to worry about your property being exposed anymore. Contact us at 020 34753078 for our services.

No matter how big a window or door is, or how damaged the glazing might be, be rest assured that we can carry out a perfect boarding up service. We can hold up the boarding with screws if you want, so they do not move around or come off easily. This will keep intruders and animals out until replacement glazing is installed. Suppose you also wish to process your claim. In that case, we are willing to help you get the necessary paperwork by partnering with your insurance provider and getting them to prepare the required documents. We guarantee a smooth and easy service.

Boarding up with Security film

If wooden boards are not used for the boarding up process, the next option is the security film. The security film is a material capable of securing a space created by broken glass or glazing. As a functional barrier, you can be relaxed knowing that nothing can breach your property through the exposed area. Additionally, boarding up a security film is done faster and with no interruption to normal activities.

The security films are available for purchase in different forms like etched, one-way view and complete blackout. Each of these options is ideal for business areas and properties because of the privacy they offer. This goes well with the need for privacy in most business establishments. Our security films have been designed to be removed easily when it is time for a replacement or when it is time for glazing to be re-installed.

Bespoke shopfront window protection

If the glazing of your shopfront has been damaged, contact us for boarding up services. Our response to glazing and boarding up calls is very fast and reliable. We understand how dangerous it is to leave your shopfront exposed and easy for intruders, and this is why we respond as fast as we can.

Contact us at SG Commercial Glaziers to book for your boarding up service. You can either get in touch with us by calling directly, or you can send us an email or visit our office personally. Whichever means you choose to communicate with us, our response will be the same, fast and efficient. Our expertly trained team will provide a reliable service for you at competitive and affordable charges. Call us today on 020 34753078 to experience the efficient boarding up service we provide.