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Demolition And Glass Removal
Demolition And Glass Removal

Demolition and Glass Removal Services

SG Commercial Glaziers is a trusted glazing company providing excellent glazing demolition and removal services for commercial structures and buildings. Our experts can comfortably handle the job, whether the glazing and glass are at a high position, high footfall area or hard-to-reach area.  

Our professional glaziers are experienced in carrying out all glazing demolitions and removals. With our service, you will also have access to specialist access methods such as cranes. Our IRATA certified technicians will carry out a safe job.  

We use tried and tested deglazing methods and have offered services to thousands of people, making us a trusted deglazing company. We carry out all our glazing and deglazing services using site-specific RAMS made before you begin site mobilisation.  

We are specialists in controlled disposal and removal of a high-level framework, glazing, and secondary steelwork structures. We also partner with demolition companies to ensure an excellent job.  

Regardless of how extensive the work is and the building’s structure, you can trust SG Commercial Glaziers to handle your deglazing with expertise and precision.

Call us now on 020 3475 3078 to have our experts on your site for any demolition and glass removal.