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Double Glazed Units
Double Glazed Units

Double Glazed Units

During the winter, people take measures to insulate their homes and properties to keep warm even when inside. People often go for double glazed units to insulate the home or property. Besides the extra insulation that it provides, double glazed units also offer some degree of protection and security to the home or commercial property. At SG commercial Glazers, we offer premium glazing services and provide double glazed units and have them installed in private or commercial properties. Do you need double glazed units to be supplied to you? Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will have it delivered to you and installed.

We provide top-notch glazing services, from glass supply to installation and replacement. Our years of glazing has made us stand out as one of the best in London. If you need our help, call us on 020 34753078, and our experienced and qualified staff will be available to provide any glazing service you need, such as

  • Supply and installation of decorative glazing
  • Supply, installation and repair of A-rated glazing
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of coated glass
  • Low E-glass and
  • Double glazed sealed units

You can also contact us at any time for emergency glazing services. Our staff and well-experienced team will answer you in no time for emergency situations.

Benefits associated with Double Glazed Units

There are several benefits attached to having double glazed units installed in your domestic or commercial property. These benefits include the following

  1. Improvement of comfort levels

As stated earlier, there is better insulation with double glazed units instead of single panes or single glazed units. This benefit means that you are safe from extra costs during the winter, as you do not have to spend much money on heating up the house. The double glazed unit keeps the room or area warmer for longer periods.

  1. Increase in the level of security

Double glazed units are much stronger than single glazed or single units. This is because double glaze contains extra glass, making it more resistant to breakage or damage. They are very helpful when used for security because they are not easily broken. To further increase the level of security, you can add toughened glass or wired glass to the already rough double glazed unit. This will present a barrier that is almost impossible to breakthrough.

  1. Improved control of condensation

During winter and cold days, windows get misted up most times because of the condensation on the windows. Double glazed units are not the same as the windows or glazing units and are not likely to mist up because of condensation or difference in temperature between the inner part of the house or property and the outer part. Additionally, with the issue of condensation and mist being taken care of, you would not have to worry about being affected by the health impacts.

  1. Drop or reduction of noise levels

The additional layer of glazing in a double glazed unit makes it almost seem like it is soundproof. It filters out noise from the outside and creates a safe and quiet environment inside. 

  1. Extra convenience

Having a double glazed unit adds extra flair and convenience for the users. This means you no longer have to worry about dealing with window catches in the dark.

You should consider getting double glazed units in your home or commercial property before the winter season. Get started today by calling us on 020 34753078 at SG Commercial Glaziers. Contact one of London’s finest glaziers for all the information you need concerning double glazed units. Speak with any member of our team when you reach out, and you can have your double glazed unit installed within 2 or 3 days.