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Double Glazed Windows
Double Glazed Windows

Double Glazed Windows

A well-fitted double glazed window improves energy efficiency, aesthetics and security in a home. However, a misted double glazed window, which is common, can reduce your window's aesthetics and its efficiency.  

Reduced functionality in double glazed windows can increase your energy bill and cause many other issues. Suppose your double glazed windows don't conserve energy or develop other issues. In that case, you can contact SG Commercial Glaziers for a quick fix. Our double glazed window repair services will restore your window's function at an affordable price.  

Before carrying out a window replacement, we will inspect the damage and provide you with a quote with the total cost of fixing the damage. Our process for replacing and fixing misted double glazing windows are affordable.  

We understand that you may need a quick fix at any time. Hence, our working hours are flexible to ensure that even people with a busy schedule get their windows fixed or replaced. Our window replacements and fixes are done by professional glaziers who meet the highest industry standards.

Expert double glazed window fix

Misting can occur in double glazed windows when condensation occurs between the window panes. Different factors can cause misting in double glazed windows. These factors include conventional deterioration and poor window maintenance.

Regardless of the factors causing misting on your double glazed window, our professional glaziers can fix it to prevent warm air from escaping the room. When warm air escapes from your window, your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system becomes overworked, increasing your energy bill.

Misted windows prevent natural light and warmth from entering the room, including reducing the soundproofing in a room.

Misted windows can make a house less attractive, reducing its value. They may give buyers the impression that a house lacks maintenance but replacing the damaged double glazed window can make your house more valuable and attract more buyers.

Feel free to reach out to our team of professional glaziers to improve your home's aesthetics by fixing your double glazed window.  

Replacing the current window frame may not be necessary. We can fix a new double glazed window into an old frame, making the repair less expensive. With a few expert touches by our professional glaziers, your double glazed windows can be as good as new.

Opting for an amateur glazier to carry out a quick fix on your window can result in more damage, making you spend a lot for a simple job.  

Affordable double glazed window replacement

Our years of experience in fixing and replacing double glazed windows gives us an edge over other glaziers. You have nothing to worry about when you contact us as we guarantee exceptional service.  

We meet and exceed our customers' expectations and always go the extra mile to ensure your double glazed window is fully functional. Our expert glaziers service commercial and residential properties and are good at handling both large and small scale repairs.  

Our working hours are flexible, so we can fix your window at any time to prevent disrupting your activities. Our service fees are affordable, but we do not compromise complying with the highest industry standards for all repairs and installations.  

Our glaziers always receive training on the latest installation methods, replacement and repairs. Our staff are friendly with excellent communication skills to help you understand your needs and meet them.  

We have the Construction Line approval and Safe Contractor Scheme accreditation, meaning your double glazed window will be in safe and professional hands. We also hold a membership in the Glass and Glazing Federation.  

We want you to have functional windows without breaking the bank, so don't hesitate to contact SG Commercial Glaziers on 020 3475 3078 for our free and no-obligation quote. We will check the windows that require work then offer a comprehensive cost breakdown.