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Emergency Make Safe
Emergency Make Safe

Emergency Make Safe

Being safe should be a priority even in unexpected situations that leave your glass unit broken. Suppose you have a broken glazing unit, including units with high-level windows. In that case, you can contact SG Commercial Glaziers for an emergency make safe.  

Although you may need to replace the broken unit, our team can remove the damaged framework and broken glass, prepare the opening, and install weatherproofing.

When you contact us for an emergency fix, our professionals will check the framework and glazing, vents and weather flashings interfacing the damaged glazed unit. After the emergency make safe work, we can have our office-based team provide a thorough technical report. This includes a detailed glass specification to identify suitable production sizes unit fixings, dimensions, gasketry details and specialist body tints for the damaged unit.

We offer painting finishing and colour to fully restore the damaged unit and detailed information on the replacement to be carried out.

Our experienced emergency make safe professionals will carry out a perfect job. We guarantee all our customers excellent service with minimal disruption to occupants of your building.  

For any emergency fix on your window glazing units, do not hesitate to contact SG Commercial Glaziers now on 020 3475 3078.