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Fire Rated Glass
Fire Rated Glass

Fire Rated Glass

Services in fire-rated glazing

Are you done with that great building? Do you know fire-rated glass can add to the security of that property? Yes, fire-rated glazing at SG Commercial Glazing is one of the best. Considering the fact that on many occasions, it is compulsorily required that buildings carry fire-resistant glass, choosing to add this fixture is a smart idea. In the event that fire starts, this amazing fire-security glass can keep the fire from entering the building for long before help arrives. So, if you don't want any hassles caused by fire, the time is right to fit your property with fireproof glazing.

Defining fire rated glazing

"Where there is smoke, there is fire" - this saying is common. A fire rated glass will not allow smoke nor fire to start off in your building. This is because the glass is specially treated with layers of anti-fire materials throughout to not allow the building to go up in flames. When you install fire rated glazing, you are enhancing the protection of that property.

There are some very vital anti-fire terms you should know when discussing fireproof glass. The first is integrity. This is a glass feature that keeps the glass intact without breaking up for a long time in the event of a fire outbreak. How much security a glass offers is equal to its designed integrity. Based on this, there are varying amounts of protection fire-rated glazing offers, which is measured by the integrity rating.

Fire insulation is another term you should know. This feature prevents the opposite side of a burning glass from conducting heat; as such, it stays cool. If the insulation of glass is high, the glass won't easily give in to burning. Fire insulation rating is a measure of the difference in insulation fireproof glass possess.

All fire safety glazing have an integrity rating, but when it comes to insulation rating, not all of them do. You must keep this in mind to guide you in purchasing the best anti-fire glass. Ask your glazing service provider for a glass with advanced integrity and insulation.

Seeing how much bonus a fireproof glass can add to a property, the UK Building Regulation says it is compulsory under some conditions.

Always be aware that there's a resemblance between normal glass and fire rated glass. What makes them different is the latter has a fire rating written on it. Failure to see this marking may mean that the glass may not protect against fire. Plus, it would not meet the Building Regulation set by the UK government on building protection. To avoid this, buy your certified anti-fire glass from SG Commercial Glazing. Our doors and windows glazings are fireproof, and we cover both private and commercial properties - a big reason we are one of the top providers.

Windows with anti-fire properties professionally installed

For a meticulous finish in fire-rated window glazing, use our services as we are specialist glaziers—this expertise cuts across all fittings we do.

Confirm that your glass window is fire protected by checking for the fire rating mark on it. Where it is missing, there is the assurance of a fire-rated window. Don't say a fire outbreak will help you confirm; your building may get razed down. Is it possible to improve the fire safety of a normal glass? Yes, and you should call us for this kind of upgrade. We stock a plethora of fire safety glazings that is not only resistant to fire but is aesthetically appealing as a building fixture.

Your fire safety glass fitting is safe in our hands; we are the professionals you have wished for. Aside from installation, we also supply fire-rated glazing products. Knowing that sometimes anti-fire products may be compromised, our team can quickly and professionally get them fixed. As for our customers, we always ensure they get the best experience by being friendly, understanding and smart about delivering services. Both new and existing customers are our top priority. Should you like to get a job quote for fire safety glass in London, our number is 020 34753078 - call us. All sizes of glass can be installed and repaired by our highly trained glaziers.

What kind of fire safety products do we offer?

Like we hinted earlier, we have in store a great variety of glazing that protects against fire. These are:

  • Pyroshield Texture (gwc) fireproof glass
  • Pyrostop fire safety glazing
  • Pyrodur fire glazing
  • Pyroshield Clear (gwpp) fire resistance glass
  • Pyroguard fire-rated windows
  • Pyrodur Plus fireproof glass
  • Pyrostemfire rated glass
  • Pyroswissfire-resistant glazing
  • Pyrocet fire-resistant glazing
  • Pyrobelite fire resistance glazing
  • Pyrosecfire rated glass
  • Contraflam fireproof glass
  • Pyrobel fire-resistant glazing

We do offer much more than what is listed here. However, we can effectively fix or fit any product of your choice. If you are having a hard time finding the right anti-fire glazing for your home or office, you don't have to worry much; we are here to offer useful advice and help choose what's best for you. Please note that usually, we will first discuss with you to know your glazing needs and from there develop a product that will put a smile on your face.

Can't find an anti-fire glazing product on your mind on our list? Just call our attention to it and rest easy as we will get it for you.

As far as protection of lives and property is concerned, one can leverage on fire-rated glazing to keep valuables and people safe. That you have a fire safety glass doesn't mean you should be careless about sources of ignition; please have a fire safety plan in your space and avoid fire outbreaks as much as possible. And part of your safety plan of course, is to fit a fire-rated glazing - there are huge bonuses to this overtime.

We have carefully selected each member of our glazing team. This means only the best hands make up our staff. Exact and prompt services is what we offer all the time. We replace breached fire safety glass so if you have one, ring us now. When it comes to emergency services, we are always at our best to respond immediately. All you need do is call our team. At SG Commercial Glaziers, the safety of your property and resources is what drives us.