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Glazing for Retirement Homes
Glazing for Retirement Homes

Glazing for Retirement Homes

Are you thinking of retiring or already retired? You will need a home that will accommodate your days of inactivity or less activity that will be very safe. And our glazing products at SG Commercial Glaziers are just what you need to tighten up your retirement home security.

As a matter of fact, it is paramount that all those occupying retirement homes - both retirees and staff be comfortable and safe. Based on this necessity, the government has set up stringent measures on the glazing used for retirement homes. Non-compliance with these regulations may see you, the carer paying a fine should things go south. Fixtures like glass windows can ensure better ventilation and keep the home energy charged. And we provide one of the finest collections of window glazing to make all your activities in a care home sweet and memorable.

Reliable building survey at no cost

We begin retirement home glazing jobs by first carrying out a zero-cost survey of the building. This is important so that we know those areas where an upgrade would be needed to enhance the convenience of the property and make living and working very comfortable for all. Our care home glazing are of high quality, durable, expertly fitted and designed to resist break-ins. We also advise carers on the workings of safety window glazing so they can act right when there is an emergency. They can also be taught by our team how to assess the functionality of these windows to avoid hassles.

So, if you are in a retirement home and would love to improve your living conditions with glazing, talk to us on 020 34753078, and one of the best glazings will be yours. Like we said before, a fee-free survey will be carried out, and we can give you a quote that won't compel you to give us the job.

Comfortable and functional retirement home glazing

Sometimes, care homes accommodate people that need some assistance with living, and even if occupants are healthy, comfort is critical in such buildings. We know this, and that's why our glazing are done to guarantee the highest comfort there is. All members of our team are DBS checked and attired in our company uniform, so you know we are SG Commercial Glaziers. We have gone this far just to ensure that our services meet the needs of those who are physically challenged. Our expert glaziers wear our company tag for easy ID - showing you their names so you can know those handling your project without stress.

Certified and qualified Glaziers

We have the Safe Contractor approval. This implies that our glaziers are health- and safety-trained. So from start to the end of the glazing installation, repair or replacement, safety measures will be put in place by our team to remove every risk and make the work area safe for everyone. Still on our list of qualifications is our membership to an Initiative known as Secured by Design - it has the backing of the police. This programme is targeted at home security improvement. We install reliable window glazing with utmost precision and the finest workmanship you will find in London. This assures that you'll enjoy your window for a long time.

Premier windows for retirement homes

It is important that carers stick to the regulations of the government as stipulated in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, plus other regulations. It might interest you to know that we have met and exceeded the conditions of these regulations and have not stopped at any point. And of course, our installations would be safe and convenient for occupants.

You need to know that in our window designs, we cater for the special needs of vulnerable occupants. What we mean is that whatever is the requirement for retirement homes, we can adequately meet them. Our team will first survey your site (you are not to pay for this), then discuss with your staff to find out what specific issues and needs they have in the home. Being present ourselves gives us the opportunity to assess perceived risks and develop solutions that would improve the condition. Buoyed by years of experience working on a lot of NHS and private care homes, you can trust us to do exactly what is needed.

Kindly reach out to our expert glaziers, and you'll get a quote that won't compel you to give us the job.

Readily available for any glazing need

In the case of worn out bannisters, we have a suitable replacement: toughened glass balustrades or antibacterial glasses for improved cleaning. Could it be that your door glazing is no longer performing up to expectations? We have the right fix for that! Most importantly, our glazing products are also designed to be fire-resistant, and we can install the same for you. The advantage of fireproof glazing is that it gives ample time for occupants to get to safety or receive help before the fire gets to them. Have we mentioned shower screens? Aha! We supply and install these magnificent shower screens in bathrooms, and it's especially useful for occupants that have challenges in movement.

Top-quality materials

Our glasses are sourced from top leading manufacturers in the industry. So, we use only glazing materials of very high quality. We are talking about standards like REHAU and Pilkington glass. You can rest assured that your job will be completed within the hour, and our rate won't tear your pocket.

Another thing we do is try to beat any original quote you may have received for retirement home glazing. We do this so you don't pay much more than what your project is worth.

Call in the professionals today

Would you like to offer us a glazing project? Or would you like to put us on routine glazing maintenance? Whatever you need us for, provided it has to do with glazing, we got you covered. And as for retirement home glazing, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver bespoke and effective services all the time.

Let's have a discussion today as you call us on 020 34753078. Our glaziers are ready if you are ready.