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Glazing Maintenance
Glazing Maintenance

Glazing Maintenance London

Looking for the perfect glass maintenance specialist? You can contact SG Commercial Glaziers. We offer servicing and preventive glazing maintenance to ensure your glass remains functional.

SG Commercial Glaziers has highly experienced glass maintenance professionals with an exceptional reputation for offering operational glazing solutions to meet your needs. We guarantee all jobs and provide the clients with pictorial representations of the intended work to help you understand what we want to do.  

We offer a wide range of annual and bi-annual preventive glazing services tailored to meet your commercial glazing requirement. Our services cover all types of glazing structures, including roof lights, windows, canopies, atriums, curtain-walled facades.

These servicing packages aim to keep your structure safe and in a serviceable condition every year. With correct maintenance and servicing, you can triple the lifespan of your window and glazing system.

Our glass maintenance service includes

  • Health and safety inspection
  • Fixing torque testing
  • Necessary replacements and adjustments
  • Replacing defective or missing components
  • Cleaning glass and glazing system components
  • Lubrication
  • Window hardware adjustment
  • Weather gasket and sealant adjustment

Tailor-made services

Before your glass maintenance service, our specialist will inspect the glazing structure of the building then suggest a servicing and maintenance package suitable for you. Depending on your glazing system, and your building, we will recommend annual or bi-annual maintenance.

Get in touch with SG Commercial Glaziers on 020 3475 3078 to schedule a site survey.