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Listed Buildings
Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings

When it comes to glazing for legendary buildings in the UK, SG Commercial Glazing is one of the few glazing companies that you should contact. Why? We have been involved in many repairs and renovation of windows, roof lights and glass roofs in Grade I and Grade II listed buildings. Right from the time we signed up for glazing till now, we have been able to carry out various glazing projects on buildings of historical descent. What we mean is that our team of skilful glaziers have renovated several notable buildings in the UK.

At SG Commercial Glaziers, we don't only work on modern-day buildings to provide functional glazing, we also offer this amazing service to buildings that have been long-standing and often visited as part of UK history. One would imagine how much of such buildings are left, but surprisingly, we have a good number of them in existence, and they are routinely maintained - that's where our experienced glaziers come in.

Completely insured projects

Since we are very proficient in this area of glazing, we are one of the few glazing companies that provide complete insurance covered third party warranty on every single project we carry out. Like the regular buildings we work on, we also offer a zero-cost survey on listed buildings to identify areas that need maintenance or renovation, as the case may be.

Reach out to the experts

Do you have the responsibility of taking care of historic buildings and would like a competent hand to help you with a refurbishment? We are here to offer one of the best advice and help on these rare buildings. They are part of UK ancestry and should be given the best possible maintenance. So, go ahead and give us a call on 020 34753078 and let's discuss how to go about it.