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Oversize Glass
Oversize Glass

Oversize Glass

We can provide oversize glass solutions for projects that need unusually big or more complex glazing solutions.

Single glazing glass and double-glazing glass are usually manufactured to 6m x 3m in size subject to specification.

Single Glazed Oversize Glass

Single glazed or monolithic oversize glass option may be processed with the exact requirements for the size of glass. This will include – laminating, tempering or toughening and complex shapes.

The increased weight of glass panels may require lifting equipment to help with installation process.

Double Glazed or Triple Glazed Oversize Units

Double glazed oversize units may be manufactured and shaped to high performance specifications to fulfill  U-values or to meet the requirements for guarding.

Oversize glass units are usually requested when a client wants un-interrupted views. Similarly, shaped glass units may help in conservation projects where maintaining the aesthetics of the building is necessary.