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Rental Property Glazing
Rental Property Glazing

Rental Property Glazing

There is good news for all letting agents and those in charge of rental properties - SG Commercial Glaziers have come up with a ton of glazing solutions to change the face of rental property in London.

Just like what we are doing in facility management, we are poised to bring the same to the sphere of rental property as estate managers need services like ours to help fix issues concerning glazing in any property they are managing. Just so you know, we are notorious for delivering above what our clients expect, and we are not stopping. In today's world of property management, tenants are satisfied with agents that ensure broken window or door glazing are promptly repaired or replaced. This gives them the feeling that their lives and valuables are worthy of being secured. Of course, we know that immediate response to breached glazing restores its security potential!

We are your sure plug for top-level glazing, so you should call us when you need to fix an urgent glazing issue. This is because we are one of the best specialists in repairing and fitting a wide range of glazing products. And we do this for homes, offices, schools, rental property and many more. We are reliable. A high level of professionalism is featured in our workmanship. We have relevant certifications plus our prices are affordable. What else are you looking for in a glazing company that we don't have? Is it customer service? Even that is the best experience you will have because we're all about putting a smile on your face as a client. Our glaziers meet industry best standards, and projects are completed on time. The end result of every glazing we do is durability - they last for many years. Why don't you partner with us should you be into property management - we can help you take good care of those properties so much so that tenants would always be happy to pay their rents.

If you need a quote, it is free of charge, and you are not under any compulsion to give us the job. We can issue you a quote when you call us.

Functional glazing for today's home

As building regulations keep changing, so do the needs of tenants seeking properties for rent. Consequently, those taking care of rental properties need to be compliant with the regulations on rental property. Sometimes, this seems like a trivial matter. Still, one can face prosecution if they fail to fix a broken door or window and a building is vandalised because of this. You will face the law for this kind of negligence - the law may even place a criminal allegation on you.

For this reason, today's homes need optimum glazing to be secured. And SG Commercial Glaziers are here to make sure of that. We don't do any type of glazing installation or repairs, and they comply with the highest standard building regulations.

A good type of glazing to have installed is double glazing. It offers protection against attempts to break into a property, whether deliberate or by accident. Another benefit of double glazing is quality ventilation which doesn't allow for dampness and mould. Combining these features, you have window glazing that provides safety and comfort - and tenants are ready to move into such properties without hesitation.

Our fireproof glazing products come in stunning and long-lasting finishes and include the following:

  • uPVC doors and windows
  • Aluminium windows and doors
  • Composite doors
  • uPVC sliding sash windows

Rental properties fitted with these fixtures are appealing to renters.

Transform your bathroom with our amazing collection of interior glazings like shower screens and tailored glass splashbacks that will assist you in keeping the property durable throughout use.

Today's home needs for tenants include advanced glazing, and they are ready to pay for it. This is why we advise property managers and agents to add these fixtures to their buildings. Tenants are moved by these add-ons, and the landlord will know that you're up-to-date with trends in rental properties. Do you know that when tenants love a fixture, they will keep it in good condition? Yes, they do, especially with high-end modern windows and doors.

Tenants- and property manager-facing glazing services

We have a great team of glaziers that have garnered so much experience in delivering meticulous glazing that meets the needs of both tenants and letting agents. The ultimate satisfaction of our clients is our utmost priority which is why we take time to know their needs and ensure we meet them satisfactorily. Occasionally, we provide useful glazing tips because we want you to enjoy a time-efficient, cost-effective, and convenient service.

Our operating hours are flexible, so you can schedule our services at any time in the day or week. At any time both parties are around, we will also come in.

As for emergency glazing, we offer the best and most timely service immediately we receive your call. We are your right hand to help you through the days your glazing breaks down to keep your property safe from further damage.

Are we accredited?

Yes! And these accreditations are relevant. We are registered members of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) - a consumer rights protection body over the use of glazing products.

All our glaziers are CSCS certified. Again, our team have their DBS certification. We employ all the safety measures needed in the glazing industry for every scope of the job we perform. At the same time, we have a certification from the Safe Contractor Scheme. Ground level and high-level glazing are what we do; thus, our glaziers are well trained on the safe use of power tools.

At SG Commercial Glaziers, we offer glazing services at affordable rates, and our quotes are free of charge. The services or products we offer is commensurate with the fee we charge our customers - this ensures they get value for their money.

Come on and give us a call; let's help you manage that rental property entrusted in your care, and you will be amazed at how very safe and comfortable the property will be.

One last word

Now that you have those properties to take care of, you need us to bring in our expertise and improve your maintenance efforts. Alone you may be fast in protecting rental properties. Still, you will go far in keeping rental properties in the best condition ever with us.

Share this responsibility with us, and we will exceed your expectations with our impeccable and time-efficient services. Bear in mind that both landlord and tenants look up to you for the best experience. You need capable hands like ours to deliver a management service that will boost your qualifications. Would we do a perfect job? Absolutely! We are not newbies in glazing; we have years of experience in the field and have been training ourselves to be up-to-date on glazing. Got a glazing need in that rental property? Call us on 020 34753078.