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Rope Access Glazing
Rope Access Glazing

Rope Access Glazing in London

Providing the best rope access services for high-level buildings.

High-level access that's pocket-friendly

With rapid changes in building designs, we see our towns and cities having more high rises with more and more migrations. This has made the traditional method of scaling buildings (scaffolding) pricey and comes with a lot of disruption to activities.

Aside from the cost implications, conventional access techniques for buildings would demand permits from a local authority, closure of roads, and sometimes prior planning that takes much time. As an upbeat and meticulous company, we have adopted abseiling (the practice of using rope to access high-level buildings) to perform a large percentage of our glazing works. This technique has become a more preferred, cost-effective, and less disruptive method than traditional strategies.

Rope access specialists with IRATA certification

At SG Commercial Glaziers, we have employed this safety-centred and practical technique of abseiling to install, repair and maintain glazing for our customers across London. And it is truly an option that helps you save more money.

Most importantly, our abseiling specialists have earned the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) certification as we have undergone the requisite training. And, of course, you need to know that we have our team managers with IRATA level 3 certification. They have expert knowledge of rigging and are versatile, skilled tradesmen. With such a competent staff, our expert team can perform a plethora of glazing jobs, including inspection of facades, repair, replacement and inspection of a host of glazing.

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