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Shopfront Glazing
Shopfront Glazing

Shopfront Glazing Services in London

The glass in your shopfront is there for more than aesthetic purposes. It gives passers a view of what it's like inside your store and protects the store from intruders. This is why it needs to be replaced when it is damaged, cracked or broken. At SG Commercial Glaziers, we help store owners install and repair glass in the shopfront. Our glazing service is available to store owners all over London.

Additionally, we offer glazing services with special security features like toughened glass. This is very helpful and will come in handy for stores' security as it prevents the entry of burglars. On that note, you should contact us about the glazing of your shopfront. If you need our services or you need us to provide you with a free quote, contact our team directly for help.

Quick and perfect repair of glazing for your shopfront

When the glass in your shopfront is damaged or broken, it can leave you feeling uneasy and tense until it is fixed. This is because it leaves your store in a vulnerable state. There a quite many reasons why your shopfront glazing may be damaged, some of which can be theft, burglary or accidents. Whatever the reason may be, we totally understand how you may feel at this point. Fortunately, we are just a call away to provide our help and services. With just a call, our team of experts will be available and present in your store within an hour,  making repairs and carrying out the installation.

When you contact us, you have nothing to worry about anymore because our range of glazing services will ensure that you do not get out of business even for a day. Our services include fitting glass for your shopfront and repairing the damaged glass. For our clients and every store owner in London, it means you can reach out to us at any time for our services. Simply call us on 020 34753078, and we will respond swiftly. We are available 24/7 and all through the year.

We follow our safety protocol by evaluating the glass and its condition when contacted. If the glass has been shattered or damaged, we will ensure the safety of people around and passersby by getting rid of all the pieces. Suppose the glazing for replacement is not available at the moment. In that case, we will provide a solid boarding up of the area until it is ready. Rest assured, we have all it takes to quickly and effectively carry out a shopfront glazing of any size and magnitude quickly and effectively. For that reason, you should know that you have experts and professionals working for you when you contact us.

Frameless and aluminium shopfronts

With SG Commercial Glaziers, we take pride in our work, which involves using premium safety glass for repairs and installation. Of course, this is applicable for both single and double glazing. We use laminated safety glass to replace damaged single glazing and toughened or laminated safety glass for replacing double glazing. This is due to the feature of laminated glass that does not allow it to disintegrate when a blow is dealt on it. Toughened glass, on the other hand, simply shatters into tiny pieces. When it comes to repairing shopfronts, these two glass types are ideal. Additionally, the different features help to ensure that little or no damage occurs to whoever is present around the glass when it breaks. Here at SG Commercial Glaziers, we have a glass collection for shopfront repairs and replacement. Give us a call to find out about more of them.

Furthermore, there are cases where the shopfront has been seriously impacted, or new glazing needs to be installed. In this case, our frameless aluminium or framed glazing would be a good option. Additionally, we can get you the glass in any colour of your choice by powder coating the aluminium to any colour present on the coloured chart. This helps you personalise your shopfront with any colour that matches your store theme.

Setting the pace for shopfront installation in London

When it comes to glazing in London, we are one of the best teams you can come across. This is because we have well trained and qualified experts on our team. Additionally, we are certified with CSCS, checked with DBS and accredited by the Safe Contractor Scheme, making us highly qualified to do our job. It also means you have nothing to worry about, as you have professionals handling your glazing.

Furthermore, all our accreditation and qualifications guarantee that every job we carry out is done with the highest level of safety, whether repairs, installation or replacement. Besides the few qualifications and accreditations mentioned, we have the experience and skills required to carry out any kind of glazing service.

We take pride in our services and our ability to provide a better aesthetic to shopfronts. It is also important to know that we value our clients and people's safety, and that is why we ensure that there is no glass fragment or piece left behind after working. If you want to know what it is like to experience working with us, get in touch with us. Call us now on 020 34753078, and our team will be readily available for survey, repairs and installation.