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Triple Glazed Windows
Triple Glazed Windows

Triple Glazed Windows

Yours faithfully, SG Commercial Glaziers is here to provide one of London's best triple glazing services. Armed with a team of fine hands, modern glazing equipment, plus a safety-centred, customer-friendly, and result-oriented work culture, we are poised to deliver timely and exact triple glazed windows.

Unbeatable energy-efficient triple-glazed windows

We provide fine quality triple glazing on Sliding Sash, Tilt and Turn windows for added home value and aesthetics. When it comes to advantages, triple glazing reduces noise and energy consumption. Here, we offer numerous options in PVCU and timber windows and doors.

We have a ton of triple glazing in modern-day designs, including timber and PVCU windows. Many glazing products are available like French doors, Patio, Sliding Sash Windows, Folding Sliding Doors, and Casement Windows.

As for energy efficiency, triple glazing is designed to carry gases like Krypton or Argon and deliver optimal U-values. If a triple glazing unit carries krypton, it is possible to get very good centre pane Ug values - very low, like 0.5 W/m2K.

Your home's energy consumption is brought low with triple glazing. It is interesting to note that upgrading all single glazing window units to triple glazing in a home with excellent insulation can get you an energy-saving worth £175 annually.

Triple glazed sash windows

The advantage of a triple glazed window over a double glazed window is that it comes with an additional protective layer. These windows have been in use for years. Triple glazing stands tall in the choice of windows that guarantees lesser noise and energy efficiency.

Both double glazing and triple glazing operate with the same principle, but the latter has installed in the seal unit an additional glass pane. Right inside the space separating each pane of glass, Argon gas is released and held in. This insulating gas is further protected within the glass panes such that it becomes difficult for heat to be lost. In addition, the #3 pane in triple glazing acts as a barrier via which sound and noise are conducted which is why the window has a higher capacity to terminate disturbances from noise.

What are the warranties?

  • On PVCU, triple glazing is durable for 10 years
  • On timber, it's a 30-year of longevity
  • As for glazing, seals and ironmongery, triple glazing lasts 10 years

The advantages of windows offering energy efficiency

  • More savings on energy bills
  • Encourage less emission of carbon
  • Makes the home excellently comfortable as it lowers heat effectively
  • Eliminates noise for more tranquillity as well as prevent heat loss

Call our team on 020 34753078 for your triple glazed window installation or if you need an upgrade. We are SG Commercial Glaziers and offer the best triple glazing services across London.