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Window Films

Window Films

The importance of windows in every home or property cannot be overemphasized. Unfortunately, the glazing may not be installed to your perfection or preference. In such situations, you may be considering having the glazing completely replaced with something better or something you prefer. We are here to let you know that there is no need for a complete replacement. Suppose the glazing on your windows are not installed to perfection as you would prefer. In that case, you can change the situation by simply upgrading the glazing with window films. By having window films installed, you are not just upgrading the glazing of your window; you are upgrading the safety and security of your windows. You can go for solar films instead of just window films to take it a step higher.

Are you thinking of adding window films to your glazing? Then contact us today at SG Commercial Glaziers for help. As one of the best glaziers in London, our services include the supply of varieties of window films of high quality. The window films we supply and install include solar films, one-way window films and safety window films. These films are supplied and installed by our qualified, trained and experienced staff and fitters. Note that you can choose to have window films installed on just one window or on all the windows in a building. Additionally, window film installation can be carried out on homes, business areas and properties. Get in touch with us today for more information on getting your window glazing upgraded.

Privacy Window Films

There are about three types of privacy window films that you can install in your properties. These films include the following

  • Reflective window film

When this privacy window film is installed, it makes the window appear like a mirror from the outside. It is a one-way window film that allows one to look through the window from one side without being seen. When installed, you can view outside without being seen yourself. It is a perfect choice for people who want to maintain their privacy without seeming too private. Basically, it is meant to protect the interior of a property from outside view.

  • Frosted window film

This type of window film gives a frosted glass effect when used. It provides privacy when used, and at the same time, adds a touch of class and elegance. Often, it is referred to as an etched window film and come in an array of styles. They are mostly used in offices or business areas because of their unique privacy feature. While maintaining privacy, it still allows inflow of light.

  • Blackout

As the name implies, this type of window film blocks out light completely. It offers complete privacy and does not allow the inflow of light. It is a type of opaque window film that totally removes privacy breaches. It is mostly used in areas like a darkroom. They can be provided to you according to your choice of colour, style and business preference.

UV and Solar Films

UV or ultraviolet light is a dangerous light we need to protect ourselves from. This is because it threatens our skin and our general body health. UV lights can affect us by causing skin cancer, skin defects and even eye problems. This is why UV and solar films were produced so that we could be protected from the harmful rays and still enjoy the benefits of natural light. There are two types of UV or solar films, and they include the following:

  • Solar window film

The solar film protects the inhabitants of property and us when used as a window film. Besides protection from the sun’s rays, it also protects the eyes by causing a 95% glare reduction. For the eyes, it is really a huge benefit. Additionally, the solar window film keeps the interior part of the house or property cool while protecting everyone from harmful sun rays. This feature makes it ideal to be used in areas like the bedroom and in children’s room or playground.

  • UV window film

Like the solar window film, the UV window also protects us from the harmful sun ray; however, it does it differently. The solar window film protects us completely from the sun’s rays. In contrast, the UV rays filter the harmful rays without completely blocking the sunlight. This is an added advantage because it still allows the flow of sunlight but merely filters out the harmful part. The UV window film is also effective in protecting items or properties that are sensitive to light.

Safety Window Film

Safety window films ensure that glass pieces remain together even if they are broken or shattered. They are very useful in areas at risk because they protect people around from injury. Their feature of holding pieces of glass together when damaged makes them a huge investment in glazing. This also makes them very important when it comes to improving the level of safety and security of a property. Additionally, they always come with a warranty and can be installed in no time. The types of safety window film include:

  1. Bomb blast window film

This safety window film has a stunning feature that offers impact resistance. It works by absorbing the energy that has been directed from the impact and shockwaves on the window glazing. This action prevents the glass shards and pieces from flying about and causing injury in the case of damage or shattering. Instead, it will hold the glass pieces together and ensure they stick to the glass pane. This goes a long way to prevent injury or damage.

  1. Security window film

If you wish to increase the security level of a property, this is a perfect choice. This window film makes the window glazing tougher and prevents it from becoming an entry point for intruders. Windows that do not have this film are much easier to breakthrough. With the addition of this film to window glazing, they become stronger barriers and not easy entry points. This window film is perfect for individuals or business owners who want high-security assurance without having toughened glass.

Window manifestations

Accidents happen when we least expect them, and at SG Commercial Glaziers, we are well aware of that. For this reason, we recommend supply and fit window manifestations to prevent accidents. Some of the accidents involving glass result from the individual not seeing or noticing the glass at first, so these manifestations prevent that by bringing people’s attention to the glass and preventing them from walking directly into them. They have decorative features that make it easy for people to see them and are mostly used in entrances, shopfront or shower doors.

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