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Commercial Window Cleaning
Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

Your glass can only serve optimally when clean. Cleaning your glass can reduce reliance on expensive artificial lighting, and occupants are usually happier with natural light streams from windows and roof lights.

Besides aesthetics and natural lighting, cleaning your glass reduces deterioration of seals and gaskets, helping to maintain the performance of the glazing system reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance. 

At SG Commercial Glazing, we perform commercial glass restoration and cleaning to remove early corrosion, transforming an irreparable-looking glass panel into an almost new one. We have experienced rope access technicians who can access any part of your building to ensure the cleaning is safe and cost-effective. 

We work out-of-hours to reduce disruption to building users. Our technicians also work with several access techniques such as scaffold towers, ropes (abseiling), elevated work platforms glazing bars and cleaning glass.

You can also contact our experts on 020 3475 3078 for the following services.

  • Commercial glass maintenance
  • Health and safety
  • Commercial window repair
  • Window leak repair