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Crane And Robot Lifting
Crane And Robot Lifting

Crane And Robot Lifting (Difficult Access Cladding Services)

Builders now use several components to construct the exterior of most modern buildings. The components are either assembled in the factory or installed on-site. The upside of this new building trend is an outstanding appearance from a wide range of materials.

However, these new designs have potential problems resulting from the durability of the materials, fixings' safety, and workmanship.

At SG Commercial Glaziers, we have a team of specialists with IRATA and IPAF qualifications that conduct independent condition surveys on residential, industrial, historic and commercial buildings.

We carry out excellent survey cladding systems services for cladding system pathologies and general defects. Our experts use rope access techniques which allow for high speed in collecting data and an accurate survey without employing high costs from installing power access systems and erecting scaffolding.

We also carry out thorough literature reviews of construction drawings, related documentation and cladding panel specifications when necessary. Before surveying the building, our experts take this step to better understand your system's installation.  

IRATA and IPAF Trained Teams

Combining intrusive inspection and testing, our IRATA and IPAF certified engineers and building surveyors can carry out the following reliably and precisely.

  • Evaluate if your system was installed correctly and whether the installation is up to design specifications and identify defects in workmanship
  • Identify and record corrosion and oxidation of cladding fixings and panels
  • Survey the integrity and general condition of rain screen cladding system and curtain walling
  • Check for construction of fire breaks, cavity barriers and other fire-curtailing measures
  • Sample collection and borescope examinations
  • Invasive and intrusive inspection for cladding system internal structure details, rail interfaces and build-ups, secondary and primary steelwork construction
  • Controlled pressure leak and mobile spray bar testing based on UKAS and CWCT

Our building surveyors offer accessible and comprehensive reports to allow you to cost and plan remedial works, helping to reduce the risk of uncertainties significantly.  

For top-rated and reliable cladding services, feel free to contact SG Commercial Glaziers now on 020 3475 3078.