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Specialist Floor Glass

Walk On Glass Floors Specialist Installation

When it is about creating an impressive design statement in your house, selecting a walk-on glass floor is a great choice. Large glass panels installed in your property by glass floor experts are a great choice for multi-floor properties as glass floors will throw light into those darker interior spaces.

How can glass floors be used?

It is not always easy for light to permeate the heart of a property. Often, planning restrictions might even restrict the size of windows on new buildings. Homeowners can find they are restricted by the present property structure for renovation or conversion projects. Interior designers will look to ‘borrow light’ in some parts of house having features like an open-tread glass staircase, open-plan layouts and glass internal floors.

Another popular choice for homeowners or designers is to look to ‘walk-on’ specialists who can install structural glass floors Allowing natural light to pass through freely in cellars, basements and hallways without hindering floor function. Homeowners sometimes regret restricted amounts of natural light in the house after a cellar conversion. Having a walk-on glass floor will offer a solution with the installation of glass floors that can bring more life to dark rooms.

Where do you need to install a walk on glass floor?

Walk-on glass floors are especially effective when installed near other major light sources as they will get the benefit of the light passing through.

For this reason, you will find internal glass panels positioned close to bi-fold doors, beneath rooflights and fixed floor to ceiling windows. This can help to enhance natural light. Our walk-on glass floor specialists will install glass floors that are safe, durable and are aesthetically magnificent.

We will install glass floors externally as well as internally according to your individual requirements. Walk-on glass floors will need minimal installation in comparison to other big glass solutions. Choosing a glass floor walkway can also help to link spaces together.

For external installations, we suggest the installation of anti-slip resistance glass. At SG Commercial Glaziers, we provide slip-retardant glass with several slip-resistant finishes to select from. This may consist of sandblasted finishes with patterns or custom dots, ceramic fritted patterns or textured glass. All walk on glass floors fits flush with the floor which means you will be able to maintain the function of the floor whilst illuminating the room.

How is a walk on glass floor different?

Our walk on glass floor specialists want you to be creative with your floors. It is possible to install walk on glass floors in different custom shapes.

You will need to install recessed LED lights to illuminate the spaces and floor to give a glowing evening ambience.

Select from a wide selection of colored, frosted or opaque glass obscured interlayers. Choose aluminium, glass beams or steel support larger multi-panel floors according to your preference. This will help to give a ‘wow’ factor in your house.

How can walk on glass floors be used for best effect?

A walk on glass floor might be the perfect feature to showcase your wine cellar for instance.

The floor should be hinged or fixed for direct access to a wine cellar below the staircase. The contemporary appearance of a walk-on glass floor above a wine cellar will be a talking point for visitors as well as family. Similarly, it will reward you with niche space for storage

A walk on glass floor will showcase other features of your house as well. Glass well covers are a good choice for historic houses for homeowners who want to showcase the unique features of their property.

The owners of modern properties may utilise a walk on glass floor on a balcony or to show-off a swimming pool below, creating a contemporary and luxurious feel.

What kind of glass is used for walk on glass floors?

Our walk on glass floor experts suggest using laminated and toughened glass.

Laminated glass ensures that the failure of one glass pane will not lead to a major problem. The laminated glass consists of a PVB interlayer of 2 x 1.52mm between two glass panes. Another benefit of using laminated glass is that the layers will help to enhance the energy efficiency of your house as the layered design offers a better heat insulation.

Toughened glass can help to retain heating and will also cool quickly and is 400 to 500 percent more resistant to shock and heat. The toughened glass can break into small pieces which is a safer option to splints and shards that lead to normal glass shattering.

It is not possible to re-cut toughened glass so we make sure that you are confident in your design before starting with the production of your glass floor.

How can you check your walk-on glass floor standards?

You can get proper advice from walk-on glass floor specialists so that you can choose the exact specification of glass for your walk-on glass floor.

The replacement of glass floors is costly and so proper research for the precise specifications and those that will satisfy building regulations, is essential.

In the UK, guidelines specify loading specifications for walk-on glass floors - BS 6399: Part 1: 1984. If you are not familiar with UK building regulations with regard to walk on glass floors, then get in touch with our experts for advice and great expertise. Our walk-on glass floor specialists at SG Commercial Glass are backed by expert knowledge and years of industry experience ensuring they meet all your requirements and provide the best solution for you, within your budget.