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Glass Door Screens and Partitions
Glass Door Screens and Partitions

Glass Door Screens and Partitions

Modern spaces now come with minimalist designs, and this is possible with the use of glass door screens and partitions.

Glass is a beautiful material, but it offers much more. For instance, you need a room divider but would like to have visibility of everything. You can achieve this with door screens and partitions made from glass. Fixtures like these offer savings on energy as you can rely on the natural light they let in, and the partitions are simply a "wow factor".

Where can you get this amazing piece of glazing? Don't look too far; SG Commercial Glazing offers high quality and the best deal on glass door screens and partitions. Without mincing words, our team is well trained to reorganise your indoor space, be it home or office, with any choice of yours from our array of glass divides. We proficiently fix these fixtures and are suppliers too. Come to think of it, glass divides work excellently well for open-plan spaces. So should you have such, call us to install for you.

We are very flexible

Our schedule is flexible enough to allow us to come around when you are free to fit these stunning glass divides with zero disturbance to your activities. Do you mind a survey? We will gladly send our glaziers to come to check out your space and issue you a quote that doesn't put you under any obligation to give us the job.

What advantages do glass door screens and partitions offer?

One may begin to think that after all, it's just glass; what's special about it? We'll tell you what

  • The first bonus these fixtures provide is they make any room look spacious when in reality it doesn't. Thanks to the minimalist, slim and streamlined features of glass, you can achieve this seamlessly.
  • Glass comes in handy to give clarity to spaces that would otherwise be dark and congested, and sound transmission can be controlled. This is why a lot of meetings can happen in a glass divided space, and the different parties won't be disturbed so much by the noise from others.
  • There is no shadow casting with glass divides; we see this a lot with solid walls. The reason is that when light comes into a glass formed space, it is uniformly distributed.
  • Air flow is another huge bonus of using these fixtures. Glass also encourage transparency that allows you work without fear of someone lurking around. If someone stands behind your glass door, you will easily see them.

A glass that suits every situation

Here at SG Commercial Glaziers, you can get frameless glass options which can be installed with a top hinge or side hinge. Yet another advantage is that it's possible to have frameless glass doors together with aluminium rails and fixtures that add so much aesthetic appeal to your space. Another great combination is with glass partition walls. Even solid doors can be replaced with glass doors so that light can penetrate the room all the time. Summing these up would leave you with a room you'll be proud of. In place of the usual swing doors, glass sliding doors can allow light, provide more space and be convenient for users. There is a wide application of these glass divides which are better experienced than talked about; want to feel what we're saying? Let's give you our free quote today.

Please note that the glass divides we're talking about finds use in homes, offices and other commercial settings. If you need to upgrade any of these spaces, simply call us on 020 34753078 as we supply and install only premier glass doors.

Frameless glass doors of high standard

Our weakness in glazing is that we are unable to provide services for glass divides that are below the best industry standards. So, when you bring us in, you have bought a ticket to satisfaction. Our glass partitions are sturdy, long-lasting, breathtaking, and expertly installed. Glazing is what we do every day, throughout the year and so we have built a reputation for delivering only the best services across London. This is possible because our glaziers are thorough breeds when it comes to glassworks. We can help you upgrade your door to a more modern frameless glass door. Even if it is sliding doors you want fitted to allow passage of light and air, we can do that without fuss. In fact, for anything glass, be rest assured that you have a provider that won't disappoint.

For those who like to stand out, we have in stock different shades and designs of glass from which you can customise your glass door screens and partitions. We also have glass that's cut to size and a team that is attentive to details.

In our work culture, we craft glass divides from laminated toughened glass or toughened glass to ensure the safety and security of all our clients in London. You, too, can take advantage of this amazing safety glass divide and relax knowing your office or home is safe.

A secured and durable installation is what we do for all frameless glass divides, irrespective of whether the project is small or large scale. The fact that we treat every customer well and equally is another reason you need to give us the chance to work for you.

How we work

Our job begins with a survey of the space in question - we need to see the current decor you have so we can craft glassworks that will blend in following your needs anyway. We've had customers that have little knowledge on glazing and we usually advise them on what they need to know, so they don't make mistakes. Giving job satisfaction is what we live for, and interestingly we have been able to put smiles on many faces.

Don't know where to begin when it comes to glass divides? We are the ones you should call.

Our team will handle every phase of your project which includes survey, discussing your needs and advisory services, providing a good quote and standard installation. We provide exact and prompt services with our team of proficient glaziers. Have you got an original quote already? We can provide ours for your comparison but be certain that it will beat what you have; this is done to highlight the affordability of our services.

Final words

SG Commercial Glaziers are keen on providing solution-oriented glazing for every space where glass is a necessity. We know exactly what to do and how to do it; your project is safe! Let's work our magic with the perfect installation of glass divides for you today. There is more we can offer which can only come to bear when you hire us for your glazing project. Once again, you can call us on 020 34753078 for a fast, long-lasting and out-of-the-box installation and replacement of glass door screens and partitions.

Need a quote? We can provide one, and it's free.