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Walk On Glass Floors
Walk On Glass Floors

Walk On Glass Floors

Walk on glass floors are aesthetically pleasing and can boost the design in any home, serving as a statement piece. You can have a walk on glass floor specialist install this floor to provide a multi-floor property. When light passes through the walk on glass floor, it reflects on the interiors and sun-starved lower levels, creating a multi-floor effect.  

What are the uses of glass floors?

In many properties, the light can't reach the heart of the building because planning restrictions often affect the window sizes. During renovation or conversion projects, most homeowners realise that the existing structure limits the possibility of enlarging the windows for more light.  

In certain cases, the interior designer may want the light to reach some parts of the house without altering the house's features, so opt for features such as internal glass floors, open-thread glass staircases and open-plan layouts.

Another option when homeowners or interior designers need more light without affecting the floor function is installing structural glass floors. These allow natural light to permeate cellars, hallways and basements freely.

During cellar conversions, lighting is always an issue, but you can have a walk on glass floor specialist provide a viable solution by installing glass floors.

Where can I install a walk on glass floor?

Walk on glass floors are often more functional when installed closer to a major light source because it helps the glass maximise the light streaming through the windows or doors.

Common areas with internal glass panels include close to the runs of bi-fold doors, below roof lights and fixed floor-to-ceiling windows.

You can trust our walk on glass specialists at SG Commercial Glaziers to install strong and safe walk on glass floors that can withstand the pressure and weight from movement while remaining aesthetically appealing.  

Our specialists can install the walk on glass floor externally and internally, depending on your requirement. Our walk on glass installation requires less disruption than other large glass solutions, and you can use it to link two spaces.

For an external walk on glass installation, we recommend installing anti-slip resistance glass because glass is usually slippery when wet, leading to accidents. We offer slip-retardant glass and several other slip-resistant finishes. These include sandblasted finishes with custom patterns or dots, specialist textured glass and ceramic fritted patterns.

All our walk on glass installations is fit flush with the floor. This means the glass can illuminate the room beneath while retaining its function.  

How do walk on glass floors stand out?

Installation of walk on glass floors can be in different custom shapes, so you can get creative with how you want your installation. Our experts at SG Commercial Glaziers also install recessed LED lights for lighting on the floor and spaces below when the sunsets. This gives glowing touch in the evenings.

You can choose from a wide range of coloured, frosted or opaque glass obscured interlayers. However, some glass types can limit the amount of light that passes through. Depending on your preference, we can support the larger multi-panel floors with aluminium steel or glass beams. This usually creates a naturally outstanding view in your home.  

What is the best way to use walk on glass floors?

Walk on glass floors are perfect for rooms below a wine cellar. You can choose to fix or hinge the glass floor to a winding staircase, giving direct access to the wine cellar. A walk on glass floor above a wine cellar can also serve as a social spot for visitors or family when hosting dinner parties, with an added advantage of a good spot to store your valuable wine collection.

Walk on glass floors can also showcase other beautiful features in a home. Historic homes can significantly benefit from a walk on glass floor installation. You can install glass floors in more modern homes to show off a swimming pool on the floor below or on balconies, giving a luxurious and contemporary feel.  

What type of glass is fitted for walk on glass floors?

We use laminated and toughed glass for walk on glass floor installations because these glass types can withstand pressure, ensuring your safety.

Failure in one of the glass panes will not cause any significant issue for laminated glass, especially if the floor is above a dangerous spot, resulting in severe injury if a fall occurs. Laminated glass PVB interlayer is 2 x 1.52mm between glass panes holding them together. Another benefit of using laminated glass is that its layers can improve energy efficiency because it provides better heat insulation.  

Toughened glass is gotten by healing regular glass to high temperatures and cooling it rapidly. This makes toughened glass 400 – 500% more resistant to shock and heat. When subjected to high pressure, toughened glass will break into small, blunt pieces, a safer alternative to splinters and shards from normal glass.

However, toughened glass can't be recut after it is toughened, meaning cutting can only be done before the toughening process.  

How can I determine if your walk on glass floors meets the standard?

For any walk on glass floor installation, it is best to consult a glass floor specialist for the exact glass specification. Glass floor installation costs a lot, so carrying out proper research for the specifications suitable for your needs and structure and consulting building regulation is important.  

You can consult one of our glass floor specialists at SG Commercial Glaziers for more information on the acceptable regulations for glass floor installations. We have several years of experience and expert knowledge in walk on glass floor installations, so you can be confident that your glass installation will meet the required standard.  

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