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Glazing Leak Detection And Rectification
Glazing Leak Detection And Rectification

Glazing Leak Detection And Rectification

Rapid fix for leaks in glazing

When glazings in commercial buildings are breached such that they leak, it disturbs the operation of our clients and is not good for business at all. Normally, glazing in commercial properties is designed to be fitted at elevations above foot traffic. When there is leakage, it poses a danger to people moving under it as they are prone to slips and falls.

Despite the EPDM components (sealant and weather gaskets) used on commercial glazings to ensure they don't fail in the face of harsh weather, these parts, over time, get old and deteriorate due to weather impact. Again, they can last from 10 to 20 years, following where they are fitted and get regular maintenance.

In-depth knowledge of any type of glazing

Be it a walled curtain facade, rain screen, or an elevated atrium glazing system that has been compromised and is now leaking. We at SG Commercial Glaziers are well experienced to highlight and fixing the leak. Over the years, we have designed a functional leak detection and fixing strategy that has seen many failing glazings come back to life - offering renewed safety and serviceability to users.

Future water ingress is entirely stalled

Following the difference in glazing designs, there is no "one-solution-for-all" method for fixing failed glazing. This is where our team comes in. We are highly experienced in different glazing systems with a thorough knowledge of how they work. We can proffer a bespoke solution that will see it restored.

Our fixing plan involves stripping the leaking glazing and fitting bespoke butyl support membranes, adding well-fitting EPDM weather gaskets to the glazing pressure plate, fresh installation, and bonding of joints and interfaces with high-performance sealants.

Whether it is a small leak or a major one, we are the ones to call - we are specialists in upgrading facades, roof lights and atriums.

Carefully sourced glazing materials

We don't joke with water problems in glazing, so only tailored and high-quality spare parts that meet industry glazing requirements are used by our technicians - each one according to the type of glazing being fixed. With this kind of solution, you can be sure that there won't be any water ingress later on.

Don't allow your glazing to suffer in the hands of leakages. SG Commercial Glaziers has the solution you seek. All you need to do is give us a ring on 020 34753078, and we would be glad to help.