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Window Film Installation
Window Film Installation

Window Film Installation in London

Window films are important for every home and office. They are also a good upgrade option if your window glazing isn’t properly installed and you want to replace them. Adding window films can improve the security and safety of your window glazing. An option you can also consider is solar films.  

If you need professionals you can trust for your window film installation, you can call SG Commercial Glaziers. We can help you install a film on one window, but we are also available for film installation on multiple windows.

Our exceptional window glaziers are skilled at window film installation and can carry out the job without hassles. Our service also covers the sale of high-quality films such as solar films, one-way window films and safety window films for commercial, business and residential areas.

You can contact us anytime, and our efficient film fitters will do a perfect job. We have durable films that are easily attachable to already installed windows. This means minimal disruption during the film installation and less cleaning afterwards.

Window films options

Our privacy window film options include:

  • Reflective window film

The reflective window film, also called one-way window film, makes your window appear like a mirror from the outside. With a reflective window film, you can look out without anyone seeing you. This window film is perfect for anyone that wants privacy without appearing excessively private. It can protect your house without completely shutting out people outdoor.

  • Frosted window film

A frosted window film, also called etched window film, has a frosted glass-like effect that gives a classy look and privacy. Different frosted window films are available and mostly found in offices because the film allows good light flow and privacy.

  • Blackout

Blackout films give complete privacy and block light. Blackout window film prevents privacy breaches, making it suitable for a darkroom. Different solid colours are available to suit your company’s style.

Solar and UV films

Protection from ultraviolet light is necessary because excess exposure can cause harm to our health, leading to skin defects and eye problems. Solar and UV films help offer protection from harmful UV light while allowing the flow of natural light. They include the following:

  • Solar window films

The solar window film protects from sun rays and reduces 85% glare which protects the eyes. This film also preserves warmth, keeps indoors cool, and is suitable for playgrounds.

  • UV window film

This film is beneficial because it eliminates up to 99.7% of harmful UV rays but doesn’t prevent sunlight from entering the room. Investing in UV window films can keep you and your property safe. They preserve house fittings prone to light sensitivity, such as furniture and carpet.

Safety window film

The safety window films ensure that your glass pieces remain intact when damage occurs. The film helps to protect areas at risk of damage. You can use safety films to improve security without spending a lot on glazing. Safety window films are usually available with a warranty, giving an added advantage.

Safety window films include:

  • Bomb blast window film

This window film absorbs energy from shockwaves and forceful impacts, making it resistant to damage. When an explosion occurs, the bomb blast window film can protect people from falling glass pieces, preventing injury and harm.

  • Security window film

A security window film is a good option if you want to increase security in your property. Glass windows are usually the most compromised area for intruders to access a property. However, with a security window film, your glazing will be stronger. Breaking into a property from a window with a security window film requires greater effort.

Window manifestations

Accidents can happen when you least expect them. This makes adhering to the safety regulations important. At SG Commercial Glaziers, we understand the importance of high-quality and durable window manifestations, supplying and fitting standard materials.

Our window manifestations can prevent accidents by drawing people’s attention which prevents walking through the glass. The window manifestations aesthetic and bright-coloured designs that make them obvious. Window manifestations are necessary for shower enclosures, shopfronts and entrance doors where glazing is not visible.  

You can contact SG Commercial Glaziers now on 020 3475 3078 to have our experienced fitters install your window film and manifestations.