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Facilities Management
Facilities Management

Facilities Management

It's no joke managing a property. The role requires that both people and assets are kept in a good, safe condition, and the business is continuously operating without hiccups. There may be a need to seek help for this very important responsibility. The good news is that we at SG Commercial Glaziers are competent to share this duty with your company management team. Availability is not a problem as our team can be reached 24 hours a day throughout the year for fast, reliable glazing with zero to the least disruption to your activities. You can also contact us during the holidays, and on weekends you will find us ready to help.

We supply glass of different sizes and shapes and install them too. We also manage facilities to meet industry best standards. If you need facilities management that won't fail, our team of finely selected glaziers are your best bet. To have your window or door glazing fitted or fixed, we can do that without fuss. We can even give you a job quote today if you give us a call.

High-efficiency windows to promote facility management

Wherever a business is being carried out from day to day, that area needs to be comfortable and safe for those working in it. Not only will it improve staff's work attitude, but it would also be welcoming to potential clients.

To assist you with this huge task is SG Commercial Glaziers...yes, we can work with your organisation to improve facility management. We offer glazing products and services that are preventative and corrective against perceived and existing defects. Our services are large and include high-level glazing, installing and replacing glass balustrades inside and outside facilities, fixing and fitting PVC doors and windows, and replacing misted double glazing. Armed with a customer-facing work culture, all our administrative and field staff have high regard for customers and are solution-oriented. We have a zero disturbance policy when carrying out our glazing jobs which is why you won't be disturbed when we start your project.

SG Commercial Glaziers are your emergency glazing team that will respond to your call-outs immediately and professionally. You can always reach us for emergency fixing and glazing fitting in your facility. We will be there on time to address the faulty window or door glazing using the correct spare parts or replacement (whatever is necessary). Our workspace will be cleared of glass debris and other pieces of glass that may cause injury post working. The reason for all these is to keep every person using the facility safe and healthy.

We offer other cost-effective repair options for glazing: toughened laminated glass, fireproof glass, and low-maintenance integral glass blinds. These glazings are very special and would be a better option, so you don't spend too much money repairing glazing all the time. Most importantly, with these kinds of fixtures, you will have a facility that's up-to-date with building regulations on safety and health. The kind of glazing installation we do won't encourage easy vandalism or breach of your facility. Thanks to our specialist glass types, you can choose from a stock of sturdy glasses that fits the kind of protection you need. Again, we have energy-efficient glazings that keep the indoor temperature intact, so occupants don't feel too cold or hot.

We offer a zero-cost survey if you give us a call. Our team of glazing specialists will come over and know your facility needs and how much you're willing to spend. We can now work within your budget to provide uncompromised glazing products and services that will continue to keep your building functional and well protected.

Expert office management services

The building management team runs checks on the facility, detects areas prone to fail, and maintains them routinely while paying attention to the needs of staff members. Religiously following this strategy will open the door to a hassle-free emergency service from our specialists if and where needed, and with no disturbance to your activities.

Based on this, our glaziers are fully prepared with the relevant tools and repair parts to undertake any emergency as quickly as possible. We do this to sustain the safety of your building and reduce compromise to a large extent. Surprisingly, all these great services are pocket-friendly and professional. But we have a weakness - and that's our inability to offer substandard services no matter how small or large the project to execute is.

Bear in mind that we have DBS-checked glaziers and glazing specialists who have also gained the approval of the Safe Contractor Scheme. What does this mean for you? It implies that you have hired certified and authority-recognised window fitters for your project. Upon arriving at your facility, our glaziers will show you our CSCS cards plus any other relevant evidence of workmanship qualification.

Final words

Facility management is not a one-man business; it takes much more than you can imagine. And the worse days are when glazing suddenly fails. But you can rest easy with us by your side as we come in handy for non-emergency and emergency glazing services. Even if your entire facility has been breached and needs a total overhaul, we wouldn't hesitate to restore it to normalcy so that business can continue as usual. Would you like to get a quote from us? We would happily provide you with a quote that doesn't obligate you to give us the job.

SG Commercial Glaziers provide one of the easiest facility management in London. Our team glaziers are highly trained and experienced in boarding up, quick installation, repair, and glazing replacement. For more information call us on  020 34753078 to discuss your facility needs and see how we can be of help to you. Our services are unparalleled, and we have a track record of delivering exact and prompt glazing.