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Glass Splashbacks
Glass Splashbacks

Glass Splashbacks

Sometimes we walk into 5-star hotels and are amazed at how elegant the rooms look; if this is you, then here is a little secret you must know - the power of glass splashbacks! These fixtures are known for accentuating the magnificence of any space. And we are your reliable supplier and installer for premium quality glass splashbacks for both domestic and commercial buildings.

You can up the aesthetics of your home with our easy to clean and maintain glass splashbacks. Simply wipe the surface, and every bit of stain disappears promptly. The beauty of this fixture is they don't suffer discolouration over time. This is why replacement is not an option except in cases where there is damage. What glass splashbacks bring to your home is class! You can tell this is true if you've visited any top-rated hotel. Our glass splashbacks come in varying designs and sizes, which offer you the opportunity to choose whatever fits your definition of elegance. And you don't have to look for an installer; yours faithfully, SG Commercial Glaziers are here to help you with professional installation.

Wide variety of options

Knowing how well different clients have different tastes in glazing, we have carefully crafted a wide range of appealing glass splashbacks so that you will certainly get something that defines your status. Need yours today? Why not call our team in London and we will discuss your needs and have them delivered to your doorstep. As for price, we offer these fixtures at a very affordable price that will amaze you, plus our installation is exact and prompt.

See some of the splashbacks we offer:

Back painted glass splashback

Cleanliness to a high degree is encouraged with the use of glass splashbacks. This is why celebrity hotels and event centres add this fixture to their aesthetics. To tell you how stunning splashbacks are, the back painted type is designed for very easy cleaning - so easy to clean and maintain that very harmful germs and porous grout are highly discouraged from settling down. Parts of a space where people use most such as bathrooms and kitchens will make good use of glass splashbacks; however, they are not limited to these areas.

Other applications of glass splashback include elevators, kitchen countertops, shower walls and more. If there is a glass piece that reeks of cleanliness, it is splashbacks. They make their place of use look modern and really magnificent.

For most clients, they prefer glass splashbacks that carry their signature; this is not a problem as we fully customise glass splashbacks installation following whatever the need of the client is. Our team provide cut to size glass splashbacks after measuring the area you want it installed so that it can serve its purpose. As part of safety practice, during fitting, we look out for electricity cut-outs.

At SG Commercial Glaziers, we offer nothing short of premium quality back-painted glass splashback, and the edges are polished to make handling and use very safe. You can give us a call, and let's discuss.

Bespoke coloured glass splashback

As the name implies, this type is available in varying colours you can choose. Are you finding it difficult to make a choice of colour? That's not a problem as we can assist you using our colour match service, which involves utilising Dulux, Pantone, or RAL colour chart. Where your chosen colour is difficult to get with this service, our painters will come in to assist in delivering your choice. Did we mention sparkles? Yeah, sparkles are a lovely add-on to splashback colours - they bring out the glossiness and beauty of these fixtures. And we stock an array of sparkles that you may like to add for a more appealing glass.

To effect uniformity when we need to paint our glass splashbacks, we utilise iron glass which is why you won't see the normal green shade that comes with conventional glass. What this helps us achieve is a very clear glass, and for you, it becomes easy to get your desired glass colour. Would you like to see a sample? You should call us now, and that will be arranged right away.

Glass splashback installation at its best

Upon reaching us to get you a glass splashback, our team will work very fast to paint, cut and install your glass to the highest standard. Just so you know, we are ready for business; our team of glaziers have the required finesse to fit these glasses in the safest and most professional manner. The kind of finishing we give to our splashback is out of this world; you should see it - pretty awesome! What does this mean for you? It means that you will get only the finest quality workmanship and craft in glazing when you hire us for your splashback needs.

Because of how great the quality of our glazing products are, their prices are competitive. Would you like to have this incredibly beautiful piece of glazing in your home or office? Kindly reach out to us on 020 34753078. We can also give you a quote at no cost, and you may schedule an appointment with us so we can know how best to upgrade your space with functional glass splashbacks.


Our customers are greeted with an impressive customer service that leaves them wondering why a company like us would be so welcoming and friendly. Well, we are out to make you happy and satisfied by giving you the best of the best in glass splashbacks. Remember, we are SG Commercial Glaziers, your dependable glaziers in London. We are just one call away.