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Glazing Inspection Report
Glazing Inspection Report

Glazing Inspection Report

We are expert glaziers who understand how best glazing works to identify critical conditions and report them to avoid fatalities.

Thorough inspection for glazing

If you are looking for a glazing consultant in London, you have found one of the finest in the industry - SG Commercial Glaziers. We offer full consultancy services covering inspection and report for everything glazing in commercial structures. By this, we mean shop fronts, balustrades, door glazing, roof lights, window glazing, glazed atrium roofs, plus indoor glazing of all kinds.

We are staffed by one of the most highly efficient and well-trained glazing inspection teams whose expertise has etched our name on the heart of all our customers throughout the years. To say that we thrive mostly in glazing jobs that involve height and inaccessible areas is an understatement. It's what we love doing, and we do it better each time.

Bespoke services for every customer

When it comes to glazing inspection, we consider each client's need as experience has shown us that requirements differ from person to person. However, our basic inspection routine hinges on health and safety, condition and deterioration, structural integrity, physical and intrusive checks, glazing compliance and purpose of use. To this end, your glazing will always get the best checks only an experienced and foremost glazing expert can offer.

At the end of the day, after inspecting glazed components of commercial buildings, we draft a report for each client that is very detailed to notify them of identified faults and failures, glazing compliance, issues with safety and health, glazing and system components specifications, and glazing compliance. That's not all. Our report also contains repair schedules we consider important, plus components that are still in good working condition so that long-term budgeting and maintenance can be well planned.

Wealth of glazing experience

Can we really inspect every building and roof done with glazing? Of course, we can. Our specialists have been certified and trained and have years of experience - this is advanced training that ensures we can navigate areas that can't be reached ordinarily. Just so you know, we have trained in BMU cradle systems, roof gantry access systems, MEWP, rope access, and PASMA scaffold towers.

Not only have we set the mark in glazing inspection, but we also have to our credit an outstanding team. They are technically fit and trained with loads of experience to inspect, test, and fix the brick, stone, marble and other front parts of the rendered buildings.

So, you can get in touch with us via 020 34753078 for a commercial glazing inspection that will bring you peace of mind while ensuring the safety of your human and material resources. SG Commercial Glaziers is who we are, and giving you excellent glazing services is all that matters to us.