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Glazing for Healthcare Industries

We have successfully repaired and maintained glazing in Hospitals and Laboratories in the UK over the past few years.

At SG Commercial Glaziers, we specialise in the delivery and planning of refurbishment projects for the Healthcare Sector. This may be on a varying scale from single glass replacements to multiphase glass roofing, curtain-walling refurbishment and reactive day works. Our glaziers maintain the greatest levels of industry expertise and safety. Our glazing team offer quality service to fulfill requirements, on time and within budget. Our proven specialists deliver external/internal envelope repair-maintenance works and upgrade operations to airtight biosafety laboratories, containment facilities and clean rooms.

We deliver industry leading service you can depend upon with Insurance backed Guarantee.

Due to our longstanding position as the leading organisation in the market, SG Commercial Glaziers offer a full insurance backed third party guarantee warranty on all the works we carry out. If you want a FREE SURVEY or further information on all our services, call us at your nearest Regional Office number below or by filling out the form on our contact-us page.